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Gansta Marcus Makes His Return


Nieman Marcus is the stage name for the artist/producer Gansta Marcus. Nieman Marcus real name is Lemarquis Washington born Cleveland, Mississippi, raised in Lima, Ohio. Nieman Marcus graduated from “Lima Senior High School,” then futhered his career in “Job Corps” as an “Electrician Apprentice.”
After “Job Corps” Gansta Marcus began producing artist from around Lima, Ohio. Which led to him later moving to his home town of Cleveland, Mississippi which he then presented his first digital release titled “419 To The 662.” The releases has various artist produced by Gansta Marcus from Lima, Ohio and Cleveland, Mississippi.
Before leaving Mississippi, Nieman Marcus learned to create and manage his own website while administrating others. The art of promoting artist came in play just before his head artist Lil Reese (Edward Wade) was killed due to violence.
Now Gansta Marcus is back in Ohio and making a new life through social media. With a new house paid off, 2 cars owner of “The Wrap-Up“, and now ready to present his new production studio, this artist/producer has sure made a name for himself.
With a large spacious 5 bedroom 1 bath house at 742 west Wayne
street in Lima, Ohio worth a little over $45,000, Gansta Marcus has settled in his first set of assets. With a video studio being built in the basement, and a recording studio for artist development, interviews, and chilling, the production stage is set into place with this Lima, Ohio music producer.

The +LINCOLN CONTINENTAL is the newest vehicle added to the list. This luxery car has many great features. With the peanut butter inside and cream with chrome crownings on the out. Nieman has always had a thing for minivans. So he decided to keep the +Dodge grand caravan for family purposes.

This silver toned van is very reliable and has gotten the artist to various states such as Minnesota, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, and more.

Doing It For The City


Bean City (Lima, Ohio), we bean boyz, not bean gags. Just body bags with tote tags, in the streets is where your find meat. Posted up like stree signs, just make sure I eat right. I want that money coming all night, change, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds. I love money, they ate it when I miss it, the women, hate it when they miss it.
Now put your hands on your hips if holding a grip, put your hands on the wheel if you pushing a whip. We hold it down for the town, representing in this, this Bean city ranging hard, chuck your dueces in this. If blackout boys is the team, then I’m claiming the kind, cause i don’t really give a fuck.
We just another first content for the city runner up for the hottest rapper in Lima, Ohio. Support us on +iTunesGC (Buy iTunes Card Online) today.

Draztik Da Boss – Bad Bitch Remix Ft Nieman Marcus


New Music: Draztik Da Boss – Bad Bitch Remix Ft Nieman Marcus

Lil Wayne – Tha Block Is Hot Video


This is a look back at the young +Cash Money group on their younger days in the industry. +Lil Wayne who like to be called +Lil Tunechi released one of his hottest videos “Tha Block Is Hot” featuring +BG+ and Juvenile.

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982), known by his stage name Lil Wayne, is an American rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. Lil Wayne’s theatricality sets him apart from the monotonous blowhards of thugdom.

A Love Story


Your love is so strong, I know I can’t go wrong. I’ll have to ignore your calls until the day your love falls. You were there, while I was sleep. I wan’t you here, while I weep. Your love is what I lack, but now I seek. The way its been, just in’st me.

I have reached the tallest mountain peak, but call on you when i’m weak. Here is my heart I give to thee, I want the life, you have planned for me. The words I speak, shall set us free, or everything is dead to me.The tears I shed are not of pain, but the love you give, i’ll take to grave.